The Carers Trust and the Scottish Patient Safety Program are hosting a half day conference on 31 august entitled ‘Going Beyond Harm’

A half day event for carers of people with mental health problems

What’s this?

Harm can come in all different forms, but an important, and quite often overlooked form of harm, is where carers views are not asked for, or worse not even listened to or accepted. The consequences of this for service users, staff and carers can be enormous.

When and Where?

Event will be on 31st August, in St Mungo’s Museum, Glasgow, 11am – 2.30pm.  Tea, coffee and buffet lunch provided.

At this stage they are only asking if you are interested in attending.  Your carer support worker can register your interest on or call 0300 123 2008, or you can contact the above and leave a note of interest.  Once registration forms are received places will be allocated on a first come basis.


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