We are Scotland’s national collective advocacy organisation for mental health.

Do you have experience of severe, complex, and/or enduring mental health illness? Would you like to develop research that will help to create real change in Scotland?


What is the research project focussed on?

The Mental Health Foundation, See Me, and Glasgow Caledonian University are undertaking groundbreaking new research. This project seeks to understand how people living with severe and enduring mental illnesses experience stigma and discriminiation. This is the next stage following on from the survey, which you may have seen advertised or taken part in, earlier in the year.


How can I develop this research?

An online discussion group will take place in early May for those who have faced stigma and discrimination because of these mental health illnesses. The  group will shape research materials and gather views on themes that will be explored with research participants during focus groups and one-to-one discussions. This work will build on, and address gaps identified from, survey findings gathered in a previous stage of this study. The discussion will take between 60 and 90 minutes. It will be facilitated by experienced researchers who will integrate your suggestions into the next stages of the research. Please see the linked flyer for full information.


What will the group discuss?

Topics that will be explored in the discussion group include:

  • How do we best ask people about their experiences of stigma and discrimination in specific areas of their life?
  • What questions will allow us to explore and understand how experiences of stigma and discrimination influence future expectations of stigma and discrimination, and the choices people make?
  • How do we get to the root of what needs to change to eliminate stigma and discrimination?


How do I register my interest?

If you would like to take part and help reduce mental health stigma and discrimination in Scotland, please contact: mmcbride@mentalhealth.org.uk


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