Our Board

VOX is governed by a Board of Directors, made up predominantly of elected directors – VOX members with lived experience of mental illness – as well as non-elected directors who are specialists in mental health issues. The elected directors actively govern VOX while non-elected directors provide advice and information when requested.

Our current Board of Directors is made up of:

Douglas Pickering, Chairperson
Amanda Gordon, Vice-Chairperson
Gordon Johnston, Treasurer

David Mapley, Member Director
Joanna Higgs, Member Director
Matt Hu, Member Director
Gordon McInnes, Member director
Stephen Duffy, Member Director

Richard Norris, Non-Member Director

VOX Directors are elected for six years at a time and, following their tenure, they must step down for at least one year before they can stand for election to the Board again. This means that we’re regularly looking for members to step forward and think about joining the Board. Any VOX member can stand for Board membership by nominating themselves as a candidate at the Annual General Meeting, and the candidates receiving the most votes are elected onto the Board.

The VOX Board meets ten times per year (plus the two national members’ meetings) to discuss VOX business and ensure that VOX staff implement VOX priorities. The Board also considers membership applications, monitors the budget, and responds to changes in mental health legislation and policy.

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