We are Scotland’s national collective advocacy organisation for mental health.


Here’s what our members, partners, and friends think about VOX.


I’m passionate about VOX and what we stand for. VOX listens to what its members want, it prioritises what its members want and it follows through on these priorities. VOX turns principles into actions – it ticks all the boxes for me.
Tracy Laird, Coatbridge

VOX meetings provide a great opportunity to network because the members are geographically very widespread and coming to events gives you an opportunity to catch up with acquaintances. I would also highlight the work VOX does in responding to government consultations, that’s a very important part of what VOX does.
Stephen Baxter, East Kilbride

Mental health is THE issue and is going to become increasingly important in this century.  I think things will get a lot worse before they improve and it’s tremendously important we have an organisation like VOX.
Daniel, Edinburgh

It’s good to have VOX to feed into, to give us information about events and funding. It brings people together in one big voice, a far stronger voice.
Jim, Alloa

I really like the weekly email update and newsletter. They’re both really informative and up to date and I forward them to lots of other people. The VOX staff are also really friendly, they’re not remote or miles away.
Marilyne K, Perth

VOX is a very good mouthpiece for mental health sufferers. Its communications are concise, to the point and informative. Everybody’s made very welcome at conferences and events, regardless of their mental health issues.
Jim O, Glasgow

VOX is a large organisation. It helps smaller organisations get their voice across and makes sure there’s a better say for service users.
Martin, Falkirk

I find it quite interesting coming along to VOX events because you meet different types of people and you’re always getting new ideas and information. We are the voice and our voice goes out to the wider world so VOX has the right name – voices of experience.
Denise, East Kilbride

Through my VOX membership I’ve participated in several events and was in Estonia in 2014 for the European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour. I think having a national voice for those who use mental health services in Scotland is hugely important. I think the influence and connections VOX has with Scottish Government and wider policy- makers is really important and VOX does its utmost to get its members’ views across.
Chris, Strontian

VOX is great at engaging my views, my opinions and sharing them with different BME people. I think it’s a fantastic organisation and I love its work.
H, Glasgow


VOX provides great opportunities for people who engage with services to have their views heard at the national level. They’re the only body effectively coordinating the service user voice throughout Scotland. The VOX team are committed, passionate and encouraging and they’re really proactive in dealing with issues – our job would be much harder without them!
Sylvie McCleary


Bipolar Scotland and VOX have developed a very positive working relationship which benefits the people who access our services. We’ve always been very impressed with the commitment and enthusiasm that both the VOX staff and directors bring to their work. They’ve demonstrated the clear benefits of having a strong user voice in Scotland.
Alan Douglas

Bipolar Scotland

The thing I like about VOX is that they’re really accessible and egalitarian and this is very helpful to smaller groups who sometimes experience difficulties in being taken seriously. I can just pick up the phone and get through to the VOX team and this creates a strong sense of community. They’re not bureaucratic or hierarchical – they’re very informal and friendly.
Susan Scott

Plus Perth and Kinross

Because VOX is there it has made it possible to gather real evidence and real stories of the impact that government policies from welfare reform to austerity have on people’s lives.
Chris White

Scottish Mental Health Research Network

VOX plays a unique and vital role as an independent and strong voice for people with mental health problems across the whole of Scotland. We look forward to supporting VOX as it evolves in the coming years.
Lee Knifton

Mental Health Foundation Scotland

Membership of VOX is a huge benefit for Acumen, particularly being part of a credible, effective network that enables us to speak with one voice and make a positive impact.
David Wright


VOX is a See Me Programme Partner and we work closely with VOX staff and members on our shared goal of ending mental health stigma and discrimination – the service user voice and experience is fundamental to our work.  We seek to be guided by that experience and support their efforts to make change – it’s a vital partnership.
Judith Robertson

See Me

Essentially, VOX is a hub for the service user movement in Scotland and that is necessary, particularly in these challenging times because people with mental health issues are more likely to be marginalised and disadvantaged in society. VOX is a movement as much as an organisation and its members are valued and can democratically influence what VOX stands for.
Gordon McInnes

Mental Health Network Greater Glasgow

VOX plays a vital role in ensuring that people affected by mental health issues across Scotland are heard and understood. We know there is much to do to improve experiences and outcomes, and a vital part of that has to be about listening closely to all perspectives – and that’s what VOX do so well!
Simon Bradstreet

Scottish Recovery Network

Being part of a VOX collaborative allows for greater strength for our voices to be heard across Scotland and not just locally.
Carolyn Little

User and Carer Involvement

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