We are Scotland’s national collective advocacy organisation for mental health.

Voices of Experience (VOX) Chief Wendy McAuslan has announced she is stepping down after 15 years.

As Head of Scotland’s national member-led mental health organisation, Wendy has worked tirelessly to ensure that the voices of those with lived experience of mental health difficulties can influence change in Scottish mental health policy and practice.

During her time at VOX, Wendy has:

  • Ensured the voice of lived experience has had a strong impact within the mental health law review, the forensic review, adult mental health standards, and many other policy areas.
  • Championed models of working such as co-production, peer research, and community development based mental health initiatives.
  • Developed a truly members-led and governed charity, which ensures the reality for people with lived experience of mental health problems is heard and acted upon.

Reflecting on her time at VOX Scotland, Wendy said:

“From the beginning of my involvement at VOX I knew I was fortunate to be part of a charity which was driven by its founders to develop in such a way that was authentic. Throughout its early development and now as an established charity, I have continued to be struck by the dedication of its members, directors and staff, who have all had a genuine passion to create change. I’m sure VOX will continue to thrive, and wish it every success in its next chapter in amplifying the voice of people with lived experience.”

VOX Board Member Gordon Johnston said:

“The success that VOX has achieved over the past fifteen years has been largely due to Wendy’s commitment, knowledge and hard work. We’re a small organisation working across Scotland and juggling competing priorities and demands isn’t at all easy. Wendy’s leadership has greatly assisted the board in ensuring we can make the biggest impact possible for our members. It has been a pleasure to work with Wendy and I wish her well in her new role.”

Wendy will be moving a new role as director of Scottish Attachment in Action, and will remain in post at VOX Scotland until the 18th May. Paula Fraser, VOX Development Officer, will be acting manager until the recruitment process has been completed.




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