We are Scotland’s national collective advocacy organisation for mental health.


All the gen on VOX – its governance, structure and purpose

VOX is Scotland’s national voice on mental health – we represent our members’ views to Scotland’s politicians and health professionals to make sure Scotland’s laws and mental health services reflect service user needs and interests. VOX is Scotland’s only national mental health advocacy organisation run by service users for service users.


VOX’S directors, biographies and photographs to follow

Douglas Pickering, VOX’s chairperson

Amanda Ritchie, VOX’s vice chairperson

Chris Evans, VOX director

Gordon McInnes, VOX director

Matt Hu, VOX director

Annette Calder, VOX director

Colin Murchie, VOX director

Alastair Simmons, VOX director

Richard Norris, VOX director




Wendy McAuslan, Development Coordinator
Mahmud Al-Gailani, Diversity Coordinator
John Steel, Administration Officer

VOX staff implement VOX priorities on a day to day basis. Learn more about VOX staff and their areas of responsibility from the profiles below – it’s always good to know who you’re talking to when you call the office!

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